two hands typing on a black keyboard

The reason for popularity of the BBC Dance Mat Typing games is quite easy to understand. The computer and technology age is prevailing in all parts of the world. And as a result, touch typing has become a necessity in this digital world. For most individuals – including employees, students, business people, scientists and teachers – computers are part of their daily live. Furthermore, everything around computers and communication is always revolving. This is why touch typing is important for every person: it allows you to type much faster, easily and without hassles.

Are There Any Benefits Associated with Touch Typing?

Touch typing is simply the act of typing faster without utilizing your sight to identify the keys. The typing may also refer to using your ten fingers. The typing requires you to only slide the fingers without removing them from the keyboard. As a result, a person is able to type efficiently and faster. Moreover, there are offices that require their employees to have touch typing skills. While individuals without type writing skills write up to 35 words in minute, individuals with touch typing skills are able to type up to 65 words in a minute. This is time saving. And it’s now easier to identify why most employers value touch typing skills.

What Is Dance Mat Typing?


Dance Mat Typing is an online only program that BBC offers to use completely free-of-charge. They have structured this program in four series with each series featuring three lessons. BBC mainly targeted kids when designing the program and therefore used animal characters. In the lessons, they also refer to the users as kids. All lessons focus on particular set of keys on QWERT keyboards. The first exercise focuses on the home row on the keyboard.

All the lessons in this program start with an animated interactive demonstration of correct keying and explanations of correct typing concepts such as use of ’F’ and ’J’ keys for your hand orientation. The designers used an animated teacher to explain the concepts and cartoon hands for demonstrations on the screen.

Typing Games

BBC Dance Mat Typing is more of an interactive game that easily takes your kids through an introduction, tutorials and several reviews on how they should touch type. This game has several levels and stages which will enable your children to learn touch typing in a step by step manner making it easier for them to learn the basics. The game has colorful cartoons that interact, communicate and guide the players through the touch typing stages. The game teaches your kids how they should use the basic punctuation marks, letter keys, and how they should capitalize words while maintaining touch typing.

What Makes This Program Perfect for Children

The sounds and graphics used for the program make it more appealing to your kids. All the animated dancing cartoons which praise and offer support during exercises are particularly more entertaining for children. The program doesn’t require any signing up or logging in. Its clear instructions and simple interface will help your kids to use it without any adult help.

Dance Mat Typing Levels


The program has 12 stages divided into 4 levels which allow your children to learn typing skills from the scratch. Even though you might not be having any clue about typing, with the programs you will become a typist who will be able to type faster without having to look at your computer keyboard after completing all four levels.

There are several classes and programs to practice in typing but most of them aren’t appealing to youngsters or students due to poor quality images and tiresome lessons. However, with this BBC program, you will experience extremely different lessons.

In this BBC typing course, you will meet different teachers. And in the last stage, you will meet the entire family plus a great celebration. In each stage, you will also find some support characters that will provide you with hints whenever you fail to type the right key. They will also compliment you whenever you complete a task. Every single scene in the abc game has unique elements. You will learn to type while still appreciating the lovely views. The games only require you to open your mind for visualizing and you will notice yourself travelling.

  • Level One
    At the start of every level, you will get warm-ups and exercises for your both hands. And in the learning process, you will have a memorable character to provide you with training and complements. At this stage, you will learn how to position your hands. You will also develop your accuracy while performing all the required tasks.
  • Level Two
    In this level, you will start with a warm up and then you will get exercises for both the right and the left hand. This level is even more attractive, and your kids will familiarize themselves with the game, which will increase their interest and motivation.
  • Level Three
    As you might expect, this level is harder than the first two. In this level, each key will get into play. You will also have an opportunity to print a certificate after mastering each level. Furthermore, there are no typing tests after each level stage.
  • Level Four
    This is the final level in this game, which will provide your kids with definite boost in their typing ability and skills. After each stage, you may print a certificate to show others that you have successfully passed all levels.

What Are the Benefits of Using Typing Games

In addition to increasing your typing speed, touch typing has health benefits. The games will enable your kids to keep their wrists easy, their spine straight, as well as to maintain their overall posture easy and relaxed. This reduces the health risks associated with hunching over a keyboard for a long time.


Touch typing has many applications in the modern world. Most people cannot go without using a computer and therefore they can benefit from the use of typing games. It is never too early or too late to learn touch typing and the skills will always be of use to you.

Are There Any Drawbacks of This Program

One problem with this program is the animated cartoons that speak with the UK accents, which may be unusual for American users. For instance, the rock star goat, which introduces the first lesson, talks with Scottish accent – rolling the ’r’ sounds. With such accents, some kids experiences problems understanding what these characters are saying.

Additionally, the fun and colorful elements that make the games suitable for kids might be annoying for adults. Even though all lessons are useful, some programs would be not suitable for those adults desiring to improve their touch-typing skills.