BBC Typing games are a perfect example of a Touch Typing course that will make you and your kids perfect at touch typing and have some fun at the same time. Introducing your kids to touch typing at an early age is almost a guarantee that they will be magnificent at typing long before they are teenagers.

Most people think that typing skills come automatically, and that one only becomes proficient after years of exercises. Although this may be true to some extent, there is way much more to typing that just knowing how to key in numbers and letters. After many years of using computers, you will probably become good at typing but you should not wait for all those years to gain this essential and vital skill that in the world of today is a must have to succeed in any career.

What Is Touch Typing?

Boy Typing on Laptop ca. 2002 Dallas, Texas, USA

Touch typing is the ability or skill to type with all or most of your fingers without having to look at the keyboard, and it is one of the important skills that typing games offered by BBC aim to inculcate in the users. This ability relies on muscle memory, and it can be gained either through experience or by training. Contrary to what most people think experience is not the best way to learn touch typing because using the computer for many years is not a guarantee that you will know how to touch type.

There are bad typing habits that people develop over the years like keyboard watching that are very hard to overcome and hence it can become an impediment to learning this technique. However, the BBC games focus specifically on making you a touch typist from the onset and so it becomes harder for you to develop the bad typing habits. Learning how to touch type is more effective for children since they learn through games and so they are more likely to retain the skills.

Benefits of Leaning How to Type With BBC Typing Games


The primary aim of typing games by BBC is to make the users proficient typists by teaching the skill of touch typing and other basic techniques involved. Besides from this, the typing games will also benefit the user in the following ways:

  • Increased Speed: You may not notice it but the time spent looking at the keyboard for the right key significantly slows down your typing speed, and so if you can avoid looking through touch typing, you will type way faster. Good touch typists can reach a speed of up to 80 words per minute while people that watch the keyboard can hardly type 30 words a minute. If you introduce your children to one of this touch typing programs at a young age, they will be very fast typists by the time they are adults.
  • Improved Accuracy: Since you know where the keys are, the chances of making mistakes are significantly reduced ,and so you will not have to do too much proofreading on your typed work. The same applies to your kids when they are given assignments that require them to type something. By avoiding small mistakes through increased accuracy, they will be able to get better grades. Besides from school work, touch typing skills will also come in handy for children when playing multiplayer games online. In some of these games, the ability to type fast and accurately is often the difference between winning and losing.
  • Saves Time: There are several things that kids have to do when in school, and so they cannot afford to spend too much time at the computer doing one thing. And so if they can touch type, they will be able to save a lot of time that can be utilized for other important things or for socializing. Increasing speed even from 10 words a minute to 20 words a minute effectively halves the time spent on the computer.
  • Helps Reduce Fatigue: Typing may look very appealing especially when playing typing games, but it is also very tiring. The longer the time you spend at the computer, the more fatigued you will be and so the ability to type fast will help you reduce the fatigue levels substantially. Learning to touch type will reduce both mental and physical fatigue for your children. Physically, you will not have to keep on bending to look at the keyboard. On the other hand, it will reduce mental fatigue since you will not have to focus on two things when you type.
  • Improved Productivity: One of the reasons why this game was developed is to help improve productivity. This is because it has been established that basic touch typing skills contribute to improving productivity for an individual and the organization that they work for. Whether typing is involved in either your work or you child’s assignments, with touch typing you will be able to get more done in a short time. Productivity at work or school is essential for a successful career and excellence in education.

Who Can Benefit From the Skills Taught by the BBC Games?


These games developed by BBC are suitable for anyone who wants to become a proficient and prolific typist. The touch typing skills acquired are appropriate for children who are just learning how to type or use computers, and also for adults who want to increase their productivity at work and save a lot of time when you type. For kids, this course is necessary as it takes them through different stages or levels and hence making it easier for them to learn how to type in a short time and in a fun way. This skill is important for kids because it teaches them the right way to type from a young age and so they will grow up knowing that one is not supposed to look at the keyboard when typing.

Anyone else can also learn touch typing as it involves fun games that are easy to follow and understand. Most importantly, they have a significant impact on your typing skills. Learning these skills with the BBC games also provides one with different exercises that they can use to test their typing skills and gauge themselves. You can even discover that you are a very skilled typist from trying touch typing, and this may, in turn, open up more job prospects for you. All in all, learning how to type fast and accurately is no longer an additional skill but a core skill that one must have to succeed in any career. Therefore, learning how to touch type or having your kids learn this skill is crucial.