Dance Mat Typing Level 1 that introduces the first steps into the Dance Mat Typing game by BBC. The latter has never been more important than the current times we are living in. At the moment, communication is facilitated by means of typing, whether it is on a computer keyboard or phone keyboard which appears on the touchscreen. This is an effective way to learn typing from an early age. After all, encountering situations that involve typing is unavoidable. Skills in typing include speed and accuracy. Dance Mat Typing game course enables this to happen. The Dance Mat Typing program has a simple interface, and there is no signing in or logging in required.

Stage 1: The Home Row


Dance Mat Typing Level 1 starts off with the keyboard home row. The home row is the one that includes the letters Asdfghjkl with the colon and semi-colon key. For children learning how to type, it is necessary to place their left-hand fingers on the F, S, D and A and the right-hand fingers should be placed on the letters J, K, L and ; on the right-hand side of the keyboard. Dance Mat Typing has a number of animated characters and entertaining music which keep children enthused while they are typing. These elements ensure that kids are kept engaged and do not bore easily while learning to type. It is fun and games amidst being a learning process.

Children improve their typing skills in an easygoing environment. So at stage 1, the character teaching children to type is Mr. Goat. Mr. Goat gives instructions on how the typing is to be done through a background voice. To keep learners motivated, there will be funny music playing once they have typed correctly, and they will be showered with praise to keep them motivated. Once kids have placed their index finger of their left and right hands on letters F and J respectively, all other fingers find their way to the other letters.

Navigating letters G and H


Once the right gesture has been achieved, it is possible to get to the space bar with the thumbs. Mr. Goat will show his face when the learner is ready for the next step. Letters G and H are boundaries that separate the left and right fingers respectively. What kids should master is moving their index finger to type letters G and H. Once this has been learned, they can practice typing on the home row and use the space button. While doing this, kids will hear a letter song from Mr. Goat and a lady chorus. There is a smashed records bar, which keeps kids updated on their progress.

This stage features colorful scenes and enjoyable music that keep children motivated. When they are praised after typing words correctly, they feel happy and carry on with even more enthusiasm and ability to learn more. Mistakes at stage 1 are common, and that is why at Dance Mat Typing Level 1, there is an alert sound that says “type on me” when there has been a typing error detected and the icon with letters which need to be typed will appear.

Stage 2: Learn Letters E and I


At Stage 2 of Level 1, there will be a revision of what was learned at Stage 1. At this stage, Miss. Octopus starts teaching kids to type. So every time a word is typed correctly, an opening sea shell will appear. The background voice will acknowledge you about your progress by saying “what a great start.” The task at Stage 2 starts when two shells of the warm up are opened up. In this stage, letters E and I are introduced. One uses the middle finger of the left hand to type the letter E and the right middle finger to type I. It is easy to learn this given that the first stage had more letters. With the left hand first, you open four shells, and a new character will appear.

Once you open the first shell with your right hand, you break the other four. Once this task is complete, you will hear singing signifying the successful completion of your task. The last two shells are opened by using both hands which might take some time for beginners but it can be done successfully after a little bit of practice. After finishing the tasks involved in Stage 2, an Italian song will play automatically.

Stage 3: Learn Letters U and R


At the start of Stage three Level 1, kids get to recap what they learned at the previous two stages. By this time, the learner’s speed will have started to improve. Exercises now start to pick up as more letters are involved. Letters R and U are now involved in the mix. For learner’s benefit, it is good to remind them that letters R, F and G belong to the left pointer finger while the right pointer finger handles H, J and U. At this stage, a new teacher is introduced — Chicken, so when a task is successfully completed, eggs are broken. All eggs are in different colors to keep children continuously interested.


Learning Outcomes

The learning outcomes of the Dance Mat Typing Level 1 should be successful typing of the home row, as well as letters R, U, E and I, which are above the home row. Besides, kids should achieve flexibility when typing letters and spacing with the space button using their thumbs.

Foundations of Typing Skills

Dance Mat Typing should not be entirely abandoned once kids have acquired their first typing skills. It is always a good idea to go back to basics. It can help further one’s speed and maintain it at a decent level. Level 1 is a crucial stage in the learning process. It is where basic skills are honed and mistakes are often made without much fear as it is only the starting point.

Most of those typing errors are taken care of at this stage given that the central part of the keyboard, the home row, has been tackled. It is necessary to introduce kids to this as soon as they can be capable of handling the tasks. It is as easy as ABC and should not pose many challenges. Dance Mat Typing lays the foundations for one’s typing skills which are relevant to the 21st century demands.