Continuing Your Typing Education at Dance Mat Typing Level 3

Dance mat typing is an introduction to typing which targets 7 to 11 year olds at building their typing skills. It is supposed to infuse speed in typing, ensure proper ergonomics in sitting position while typing and proper hand and finger placement. All exercises are completed in a full screen version. Run by the BBC, Dance Mat Typing involves programs that are easy to operate and teach kids how to touch type properly. In an era of smartphones, this is a necessary skill to learn. In the world of digital demands, you are required to have fast typing skills married with healthy postures. Dance Mat Typing is a key tool in learning these important things at an early stage in life.

Advanced Learning


Dance Mat Typing Level 3 is not as easy as the previous two stages. At Level 3, the task gets a bit challenging with 20 characters now involved. According to dance mat typing rules, you should not skip a stage or you will lose out on learning. The other rule is to use both hands since typing is a two hand activity. The other crucial rule is to sit up straight just as you would at a computer or laptop. Dance Mat Typing is divided into four levels each with 3 stages. Each stage has its own difficulty level as learning advances. Now at Level 3, the learning is different and more advanced than at levels 1 and 2. This is not a beginner’s level stage anymore. There is a typing test accessible at the end of each lesson, as well as a certificate at each level to show the keys that have been mastered.

Letters V and M

At the third level of Dance Mat Typing, the letters V and M are learned. At this stage, the scene is of a highly mountainous region. At this stage, you type the letters you see in the sky correctly as a part of the warm-up. Having the knowledge of the previous stages where your fingers are on the home row and P and Q are on the little fingers. If you mastered the past two levels, it should not be a problem. This is where you do not doubt your typing skills. A word of advice before fully launching into Level 3, you can go over what you have learned and get the confidence to advance you to the next stage. Despite being a more challenging stage, the fun and games environment still continues. Children should be encouraged to type slowly and not to rush through this stage even though some of their skills might have been sharpened. By this time, the idea of typing is not a foreign one.

The letter V belongs to the left pointer finger which also has letters R, T, G and F. You should keep an eye on the number of gongs you have rung while doing the tasks. The second letter you learn at this stage is the letter M. Like V, it is on the third row and you use your right hand pointer finger. Once typing skills have been learned, all the gongs are played to signify that you have been successful. Kids will enjoy the mysterious music that plays in the background as they learn how to type. In addition, candles light up your way as you learn how to type. At this stage, the teacher is a yak who produces the gong noises when a task is successfully completed.

Stage 8 of Level 3


At Stage 8 in level 3, typing the letters B and N is learned. They are similarly situated on the third row below the home row. They are on the same row as the previously mentioned and learned V and M. The scenery is the beach, and turtles appear. Just like at other stages, you will recap what you have already learned. At this stage, a learner is required to make significant progress by not looking at the keyboard while doing the tasks. It is expected that the skills that they have honed so far are sufficient to make them develop such confidence.

This stage will involve the letters B and N as the new entrants in the learning process. This requires practice. The learner has to be guided through the various stages along with this one. Learners are affectionately referred to as little monkeys. The importance of such characters cannot be underestimated as they keep the learners engaged and interested. The sounds and music that are produced are important especially at this stage where things can be tricky. It helps to keep the kids interested and focused as well as entertained while they learn an important skill that will help them.

Typing the Comma


The final stage in Level 3 is where the punctuation in the form of a comma and the letter C are typed. This is stage 9 where the scenery is a beautiful garden. The learners are referred to as workers by their teacher Bee. You will learn typing lessons until all the flowers have been opened. You go over typing letters in the first row, home row and third row. This stage involves learning to type what is not a word but an interpunction which is a comma. There are five exercises for both the right and left middle fingers. You use the right middle finger to type the comma.

Bridge to Better Typing Skills

Dance Mat Typing Level 3 involves more characters than the last two levels and this means that if successful, the learner will have made immense progress and their skills will have improved a great deal. This stage ushers in Dance Mat Typing Level 4, which is the final stage of Dance Mat Typing levels. So in essence, the learner is close to the finish line with a bit more needed to be learned before they can now accomplish their learning. Level 3 is considered to be extremely important because it accesses what the learner has learnt at the beginner’s stage where things are abc while introducing far more advanced skills. It is the bridge which learners must cross in pursuit of better typing skills.