Having passed all the tests in levels 1, 2 and 3, you will find yourself in Dance Mat Typing Level 4. This game keeps the humor throughout all the levels, and the Cat remains to give you instructions. This level is more difficult than the previous one because it requires using almost every key on the keyboard. At this point, your fingers get tired quickly since the movement on the keyboard is more active and complex. High typing speed is expected to ensure you improve in both accuracy and speed. This level has the following three stages.

Stage 10: Letters X, Z, and Apostrophe


Stage 10 brings on the table letter X and Z. However, the fun in the previous level is still maintained making it easier for children to continue with exercises. Remember, Level 4 is the last level of this game. This means any person who gets to this level can use many of the keys on the keyboard comfortably.

In this stage, the challenge that keeps the game going and makes kids continue engaging in the exercise is the task to type all the letters correctly. If one succeeds, he manages to break the four plates in the game and buy some new ones. The fun to a kid is that he manages to break the plates but the essence is that breaking the plates means he typed correctly hence his typing skill is enhanced.

This stage of Dance Mat Typing Level 4 starts by a warm up of the previous levels. All the letters learned in the previous levels are used in creating words, which one is required to type. The main letters emphasized in this warm up are C and interpunction, which were learned in the previous level. These letters are supposed to be typed using the middle finger. After the warm up is done excellently, one proceeds to learn the letters of Level 4.

One should use the left hand ring finger to press X and the small finger of the same hand to press Y. By doing so, you will have three plates to break. A series of statementa with these letters are supposed to be typed, which is a very effective exercise. Now that you have learned two more letters, this is not the end of the exercise at this stage. An apostrophe is added, which is typed using your little finger on the right hand. In the last round of this stage, one is supposed to do a comprehensive exercise, at the end of which you find out your typing speed.

Stage 11: Slash and Full Stop


Stage 11 advances from stage 10. You should first put your fingers on the home row of the keyboard. Again, the instructions of the kitten should be followed so that you get the best results. The stage starts with a warm up exercises to recall the previous stages. You will be mainly reminded of the X, Z, and apostrophe key learned in stage 10. If you finish all the warm up exercises successfully, you light up the first four lanterns in the game. As you can see, these typing games are very interesting at all the levels.

The new keys to learn in this stage are the full stop, and the slash. You are supposed to use the ring finger of the right hand to press full stop and the little finger of the same hand to press the slash key. At this level, you will notice that your ring fingers are controlling around six keys. The left ring finger controls W, S and X while the right controls O, L and full stop.

The last round involves comprehensive exercises that test all the letters learned. It is at this juncture where the speed is also tested and the accuracy. For one to move to the next stage, you need to have reached the required level of accuracy and speed. If you fail the first time, try it again until you are successful. The success of every stage means your typing is getting better and better.

This is one of the Level 4 stages whereby the exercises become more complex and require one to move the fingers a lot.

Stage 12: Shift Keys for Capital Letters


If you find yourself at stage 12, then you are now quite good at typing. It means you have overcome all huddles in the previous stages. As usual, the new stage starts with a warm up exercise, in which one practices all the letters from the previous stages. If you do it correctly, then you are introduced to the next key —the shift key.

This key tend to be tricky to some people but with enough practice it is not difficult to use. The main reason why this key is introduced in the last stage is that it can be can be used together with any other key on the keyboard. It is either used to capitalize a letter or to put a specific sign. It requires pressing and holding the key and then pressing another key to produce the desired result.

In order for one to capitalize a specific letter, one needs to press the shift key and hold it with the little left finger and then type the letter with your right hand. You can equally use the little right finger to press the shift key on the right side of the keyboard and then press the letter with the left hand. The shift key is very important because it is also used to type other marks like question marks and double quotes.

If you are successful in using the shift key and meet the required threshold of the speed, then you can confidently say you are good in typing.

The Dance Mat Typing game is always fun for the kids. At the same time, it is very useful and helps children gain typing skills without the pressure they face when learning new things in class. The game is well developed  and ensures learning is done bit by bit. Whenever a kid completes Level 4 successfully, the program is able to award a certificate as an evidence of completion. It is a game that keeps the kid learning unlike others that only bring fun with no education involved in the process.