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Easy Touch Typing Start at Dance Mat Typing Stage 1

In a competitive world of today, certain skills are necessary to succeed even in simplest of careers. One of those skills is typing without which life would be pretty complicated in these modern times. Giving your child a possibility to acquire such skills is a truly thoughtful gift you can make. Making sure that your children can type fast and accurately from an early age is the best start you can give them as you will have equipped them with a crucial life skill for both leisure and future career.

Although these skills are taught at school as well, you cannot get a guarantee they will be effective for your child, and so you decide as a parent to take the initiative and make sure your kids learn how to type. A great and effective method you can use to help them is through fun games. Kids love playing, and so you can stay assured that you will have little trouble introducing them to these games. For a start, you can try BBC Dance Mat Typing games where they should start at Stage 1 of Dance Mat Typing Level 1. This game is the most popular online typing game for kids, and its popularity comes from the fact that many parents have tested it and proven its effectiveness.

About Dance Mat Typing


BBC Dance Mat Typing consists of four different levels. Each level is further divided into three stages. Each of these stages introduces kids to new things, and they have to perform different exercises that aid in fast learning. The exercises are progressive, and children are taken through a continuous fun learning process where knowledge or skill is offered in bits to make sure that they retain most of it.

To children highly motivated, these games use sounds, cartoons and attractive graphics designed as appealing as possible to a child’s eye. Cartoons in these games engage kids creating a relaxed environment and, in fact, most kids will not even know that they are learning something. For most children, this is just any other game they enjoy playing when they idle, and such mentality is perhaps what makes it very useful. Besides from teaching kids how to type or helping increase their speed, these games have also been designed to add some educational value by teaching them vocabulary and helping them understand letters better.

Kids Learn a Lot of Vocabulary


It has been proven that kids learn faster from play than when in class. It is very hard for children to forget how they played a certain game, but the same is rarely true about vocabularies or anything else they learn at school. With games, children are motivated to succeed as much as they can. In this game, they will work hard to learn different vocabularies because they know it will help progress in the game.

The sweet sounds that children hear when playing Stage 1 of Dance Mat Typing games are a motivating factor because when they hear that sound they know that they have achieved something. In their pursuit to progress in the game, they learn way much more than just how to type fast.

Improved Speed with Dance Mat Typing Level 1

The primary goal of the three stages in Dance Mat Typing level one is to improve typing speed. This is achieved by teaching kids how to place their hands on the keyboard. When you want children to learn how to type, it is important to start at Level 1 because here they will acquire some basic skills that they will use in other three levels. Stage 1 of Level 1 also acts as an introduction to these games, and so we can rightfully call it the most important stage in Dance Mat Typing.


Dance Mat Typing Stage 1 introduces your child to the home row, which is the central row of a computer keyboard. Here kids will learn how to place their fingers on the home row and how to push specific keys without looking at their hands. Children are taught to use instinct and muscle memory to locate the keys, and by this, they learn touch typing, which is the most efficient and also the fastest typing skill.

Stage 1 introduces keys “f d s a j k l ; g h” that are located in the home row. What makes it important for the child to learn these keys first is the fact that they are the most frequently used when typing. Besides, the central row plays a very important role in touch typing. Finger placement technique is what is taught next once a child understands the central row. The left fingers are placed on “f, d, s” while the right fingers should be placed on “j, k, l and ;”, and thumbs are used to hit the space bar. Remaining keys (h and g) are left to the pointer finger.

Once children learning how to type with these games understand how to place fingers on the keyboard, they are taught how to switch finger from one key to another. Several exercises in Stage 1 involve typing words using keys in the central row. It is important for kids to take time and master Stage 1 as it will be crucial in the understanding all other stages that will follow.

Why It Is a Better Option

Dance Mat Typing and other online games for kids are a better option than traditional computer classes due to many reasons. First, they are a faster and more flexible way to teach your child how to type. With these games, you do not have to set a special time for kids to learn since they can do it at their own free time when playing or in the evening after doing their homework. Secondly, it is way much cheaper than paying for classes since most of these programs are free of charge, and those that have to be paid for are also very cheap. Lastly, these games are fun to play, and so your child will be more motivated to try them and hence learn this important skill in the process.