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Dance Mat Typing Stage 10 is presented by a beautiful lady cat Claudette. Stage 10 is the tenth typing lesson for kids and the beginning stage of Level 4. The tutor, Claudette helps kids improve their typing knowledge and teaches lessons in an attractive way. Teachers, especially lady tutors, are like mothers. They know the pulse of children. If they are hungry, they cannot follow classes carefully. In Stage 10, class teacher ensures that kids are not attending classes with an empty stomach. She also does not make any haste to teach lessons. Instead, she asks students to progress in a slow pace. So, the cat teacher allows students to approach typing lessons in a fun way.

Lessons of Claudette, the Tutor


Just like all previous typing stages, Dance Mat Typing Stage 10 begins with a warm-up session. Therefore, children need to refresh what they have studied during the previous classes. They also need to practice by typing the letters they have learned. The practice should be repeated for a few times. Then, Claudette introduces two new letters. During Stage 9, kids learn to type two new keys, the letter c and a coma on the third row. These two keys should be typed by using the middle fingers. The warm-up session is designed for providing strong hand control and positioning. When kids repeatedly type letters, they learn the positioning of each letter on a keyboard. So, they can move their hand quickly. This is also highly helpful for refreshing their typing knowledge.


Once you complete the warm up session, two new letters, x and z. In order to type x, kids should use ring finger in their left hand. The Little finger of the same hand should be used for typing the letter z. Once you have completed the task successfully, Claudette appreciates you profusely.


If you are able to complete the practice session in stage 10, you can learn all letters and a punctuation key on the keyboard. Now, you are aware of the positioning of each letter on the keyboard and which finger should be used to press each key. You should continue your practice. The animal characters that appear on each stage will entertain you. So, you can easily forget the boredom of typing. Compared to beginning stages, lessons in the ending stages are very difficult. In 10th stage, you need to learn how to type an apostrophe, which is placed on the home row near the colon. Kids should use their little finger of right hand to press this key. It can be a little bit difficult. However, your teacher will encourage you to do the task. So, you need not give up, you can just keep on trying.


Kids are asked to do some comprehensive exercises at the end of this stage. Once you complete this exercise, you can check your typing speed. Once you finish these tasks successfully, you will get a handful of delicious foods.

If typing tasks are accompanied with interesting games, children will learn very easily. Knowing this fact, BBC arranges the typing game highly interesting for kids between age 7 to 11. The beginning stages of Dance Mat Typing can be completed easily. But, children face some difficulties when they enter into latter stages. However, after the completion of each level, kids will get a certificate, which shows the keys they have mastered. At the end of the lesson, kids can expect a typing test. This is also helpful for knowing their progress and typing speed.

Stage 10: Learn the Letters x, z and ‘


Dance Mat Typing Stage 10 focuses on the two remaining keys in the bottom row, they are x and z. Besides, kids will also learn to type ‘ (apostrophe) during this stage. Then, this stage will finish all the keys. Once you complete learning the positioning and typing of all the letters, you can review the lessons you have learned. Now, kids are familiar with letters in the home row, top row and bottom row letters that come in Level 3. Once you learn all these things nicely, this game will teach you to use x, z and ‘ keys. Your small finger should be used for pressing the key z. Then, your left-hand small finger needs to press three letters, a, q and z.


Kids need to use the finger that rests on key s to press the key x. This finger is the ring finger of your left hand. Now this finger should be used for pressing three letters, s, w and x. To type an apostrophe, this game teaches you to use your right hand’s pinky finger. Kids need to use the small finger in their right hand to hit semi-colon, p and ‘ keys. To know your progress, you can check the smashed plates in the bottom of the game.


Typing games are extremely helpful for learning various functions of the keyboard. Educational system games are the best method for kids to learn alphabets, spellings, and definitions. Playing is the best way to teach them new things. When they learn something in the form of a game, it is hard for them to forget it. This is also helpful for them to learn quicker. Typing games provide lots of benefits to kids. First, it is useful for improving the system awareness in kids. While typing sessions are designed in the form of games, kids will practice it for hours without getting tired or bored.


When the game is filled with entertainment, kids learn and perform the task without any hesitation. This is also beneficial for supporting the writing skills of kids. They can also learn letters, spelling, alphabet, and sentences. Dance Mat Typing is highly beneficial and is absolutely free. You can also increase your kids’ entry platform and writing speed by using Dance Mat Typing.

Dance Mat Typing is extremely funny and it shows how to type by using correct fingers. BBC asks kids to play this game every week. There are four levels in this game. Each level has three stages. If kids are able to practice it every week, they can type words and sentences without looking at the keyboard. Even more importantly, they can become a real typing expert very quickly.