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Dance Mat Typing Stage 12 is the last phase in this BBC typing games and by the time that a user is through with they will be equipped with the fundamental typing skills. After this stage, the only other thing that will be required for typing proficiency is to do a lot of exercises. Although there are detailed reviews offered at this phase of the game, it is important to go through everything regularly as this is the only way to reap maximum benefits from the program.

Step 12 wraps up everything, but it still maintains the norm of introducing the user to two new keys as with all the other stages before it. The keys that kids will learn are different from everything else they have covered so far and perhaps even also unique. This is because if you hit them, they will not type a particular character since they are used for other functions such as capitalization. These keys are the two Shift that are standard for the conventional keyboard. However, the fact that they do not type any particular character does not make them any less important as you will hardly fail to use Shift when typing.

5 Things to Know Before Starting Stage 12


  1. Since this is the last stage in these programs, it means that by the time you get to it, you should have gone through all the others. It is hard to understand anything taught here if you do not go through the other eleven.
  2. It will be easier for children to know how to use the two shift keys if they are conversant with finger placement on the keyboard. This goes further to show just how important the home row that was covered in level 1 is as it focuses more on teaching how to place fingers.
  3. Since there are no more levels or stages after this, you should spend even more time reviewing what you have learned in the other levels before moving to stage 12. It will only take a couple of minutes to learn about the Shift key, and if you were keen enough from the beginning, then the chances are that you have a hint on how to use the Shift.
  4. Before even moving to the last stage, you should make sure that you have a reasonable typing speed as this will be an indication that that the previous lessons were not only fun but also productive.
  5. Everything from all the four levels that you have learned so far will be reviewed here through some exercises. This makes it the most comprehensive stage and so users should be prepared to use most of the keys on the keyboard.

What You Learn On Stage 12


Dance Mat Typing Stage 12 which is the last in the game focuses on teaching children how to capitalize using the two Shift keys. However, before you get into this, you have to go through a review of everything that you learn from level one. The exercises start with the home key that was covered in level one all the way to the front slash and full stop that are taught in stage eleven of level four. Although the review will take much longer, it is vital as it will help determine just how much the user understands and it can be used to determine the speed acquired so far. The review is also important as it helps the user to perfect their full hand typing and the progress can be viewed on the status bar that will also indicate broken records.


The first thing to note is that there are two Shift keys on the standard computer keyboard. Both are located on the lower keyboard row with one being on the extreme left and the other on the right side. Since the left Shift key is next to the pinky finger when your hands are on the home row, you should use this finger to hit it. The right Shift key should be pushed by the pinky finger on the right hand as it is closer to it. Apart from this, kids will also be taught how to capitalize at this stage once they know how to push the two shift keys. Then, they will have covered everything in the games and so all they will need is regular practice to perfect their typing skills.

What Makes Dance Mat Typing Games the Best


  • It is fun and very engaging and hence this will motivate kids to try it out. Even if the child is not willing to learn anything they will be interested in playing the game and in the process they will learn a lot about typing. The fun nature of the games also means that the user will not get bored quickly unlike in other typing games.
  • These games have been simplified to ensure that the users can understand and follow things almost effortlessly. The language used, the animations and graphics are all very straightforward, and the users can quickly figure out what is going on regardless of how young they are.
  • Dance Mat Typing Stage 12 and all the others are readily available online, and so you do not have to look far to find them. In fact, an online search for typing games will bring these games in the top results page. Ready availability adds to the convenience and also saves you a lot of money and time.
  • The step by step lessons are perhaps their biggest advantage and also what gives them an edge over the many typing games available online. Introducing things in steps makes it easier to learn especially for children and it also eliminates the possibility of getting confused as the kid will not have to master too many things at once.
  • With this programs, you do not have to take chances or try out anything as they are developed by experts and are a product of intensive research on the best ways to teach children how to type. Apart from this, they have been tested by thousands of user for some years now and proven to be very effective.
  • Apart from just typing, these games will also teach children other important things such as the alphabet and spelling. This means that apart from being good typists they also progress academically.