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Dance Mat Typing Stage 2 is the basic and second lesson for children in the game. Here, the class teacher for children will be lady octopus. She will teach the basic typing lessons for kids in this stage. The class teacher is very cute and she teaches lessons in a very friendly manner. BBC Dance Mat Typing is the provider of this game. In order to understand the lessons completely, children need to follow the suggestions of their class teacher Octopus carefully because these lessons are highly valuable and worth learning.


Dance Mat Typing Stage 2


Stage 2 level 1 of Dance Mat Typing starts with home row keys. This level is designed for teaching kids to type keys on the home row. Besides, kids will also learn to type letters such as e, i, r and u. The class begins with a review of knowledge of kids who learnt in stage 1. Here, you can see some changes in the bottom of the flash. The discs change into shells, which is the noticeable change you can see in Stage 2. So, one shell will open when you correctly type letters at the top of the screen. Once you finish the first round, you can hear an encouraging sound, ‘what a great start’. This is really helpful for encouraging kids and instigating them to do further. You will still get into the task once you open two shells.

Learn E and I


Stage 2 helps kids to learn typing e and i. These are the first two letters children are going to learn. The program also teaches kids to use their middle fingers to type these letters. They also learn that e should be typed by using their left middle finger and i should be typed by using their right middle finger. When they do it again and again, they will be flexible and acquire speed to type these two letters.


Learn to Use Left Hand

Dance Mat Typing Stage 2 helps you use your left hand first. Here, a new character will also come to teach students. Children can see the new character when they open the first shell by using their right hand. The new character is the blue octopus. Stage 2 is the beginning stage. This stage is meant for providing kids some flexibility in using the fingers of both their hands. When they finish all the tasks, an Italian song is played automatically. This is highly enjoyable and beautiful. Even if kids do not understand this song, it is really delightful. The rhythm of this song is really beautiful. This is also helpful for kids to learn the words by vibrating their tongue.

Warm Up


Each stage in Dance Mat Typing begins with a warm up session. This is highly helpful for kids to revise the skills they learnt in previous sessions. Stage 2 also begins with a warm up session. During this session, children will get an opportunity to revise things they learnt during the stage 1. After warm up session, the Stage 2 enters in hand exercise training for both right and left hands. Unforgettable characters will come during the learning process to provide both coaching and kudos to children. Therefore, the typing or keyboarding will never be the same. Here, kids can learn the hand position and accuracy. But, this stage is not meant for typing letters with high speed. Kids learn to use the fingers both hands for typing letters.

Stage 2 Guide

Stage 2 mainly teaches students to type two vowels, e and i. During this stage, children can also understand how efficiently they can use these two vowels. Kids can start with a brief review of typing on the home row. Gradually, kids learn to hit e and i keys without removing hands from the home row. Kids also learn which finger is used for typing e and i. To type the e key, they should use their left hand and to type i key, they should use their right hand.

To type e, kids should use the finger, which rest on d. To type i, they should move the finger that rests on k. It is just like shifting their fingers from f to g and j to h. Kids learnt these lessons in Stage 1. Children can apply the same formula for typing the letters e and i. During Stage 2, kids need to pass through several easy, medium and hard steps. These are essential for typing letters with speed. Kids can also record their progress on the track bar.


There will be the warm-up session in all stages in Level 1. There will also be hand workout for both right and left hands. Children can also see remarkable characters, which come for inspiring kids by assisting and enhancing their typing skills. Instead of speed, each phase teaches hand positioning and precision. Phase one introduces the home row. There will also be background voicing to assist kids to use their fingers correctly and properly. Enjoyable music is also available in the form of applauding kids once they type properly. Octopus comes in phase 2. A shell will be opened when kids finish the job effectively.


During this phase, children can find out letters e and me. Letters r and u are presented in 3rd phase. However, children must learn the sessions properly in order to make progress in this typing game. Kids will also learn the secrets of typing letters such as e, r, u and i in the keyboard during Level 1.



If you are worrying that your kids are not able to type letters in the computer even though they spend long hours in front of it, Dance Mat Typing is the ideal program for them. This is highly useful for teaching kids to the skills of typing. It provides liberty to your kids to find out and check new things. They can also make use of keyboard to browse through the game. Other online games allow youngsters to make use of the mouse to move. Touch typing provides ultimate abilities to your kids to type out entire words and sentences without looking at the keyboard. So, just show patience till your kid learns the art of typing!