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Dance Mat Typing Stage 3 is designed for teaching kids to type letters r and u. Before starting the classes of stage 3, the program checks the knowledge of kids that they have acquired during the previous stages. The class started with positioning the fingers of kids in the home row. so, at first, kids are asked to position their fingers in the home row. Once they have done it, the warm up session begins. During this session, kids need to type letters on the home row as well as the letters they have learned during stage 2. These letters are e and i. Once they completed this task, they are asked to type the letters r and u.


During the warm up session, kids can engage in an interesting game, breaking the eggs. If they can able to break, it means that they have acquired the skills of using home row and the methods to type e and i. Now, it is the time for learning the other two letters, r and u. Kids will also learn that the letters u, h and j should be typed with right pointer finger and r, f and g belong to left pointer finger. Then, the kids are advised to break all eggs under their left and best hand. A letter song will be played once the kids started on the right hand.

To keep the enthusiasm of kids, Dance Mat Typing Stage 3 is designed with huge surprises. So, they can expect a dancing and singing party during the entire program. Kids are also invited to sing and dance with the characters. Something special is played for the intelligent chickens as well. They can expect it when they complete all the tasks effectively.


It Makes Your Kid a Master

Fruit juices, soft beverages or tea can also be arranged during this session to keep the enthusiasm of kids. All these are helpful for children to enjoy themselves and discover how to type the letters r and u. They will also get inspiration to continue this exercise tirelessly. This is helpful for children to become better and better. Once you complete these sessions, you can enter the next stage. The session also teaches you to do the warm up with letters e and i. This program also teaches children about which fingers should be used to type letters. Once you learn to type the letters e and i, you can start learning r and u.

Purpose of Stage 3

Dance Mat Typing Stage 3 aims to help kids to learn how to use the keys r and u while maintaining their fingers on the home row. At the same time, it also teaches kids to use alternate fingers to get e and i. Before starting this session, the program makes a quick review of home row letters and e and i keys. There are eggs on the bottom of the bar. This is helpful for children to keep track of their performance in this stage. The program teaches students to use pointer fingers to type letters r and u. In stage one, kids used the same fingers to type g and h. In the same way, these fingers should be used to type r and u. These are the lessons children study during this stage.


The program also teaches students that they should use their right pointer finger to control the letters j, h and u, and left pointer finger to type f, g and r. This program also gives training on using left hand to press r and right hand to press u. Then, the program moves on helping you to use both fingers simultaneously. At the end of stage 3, kids will get greater knowledge and awareness about how to control home row, two vowels e and i and 2 extra letters r and u. Chicken handles the classes in stage 3. Chicken is an interesting character for kids and this session will be highly interesting for kids in younger age. If your kids can follow this stage carefully, they can surely use their pointer fingers in both hands flexibly to type additional letters r and u. This program should be used on a daily basis to get an upper hand in typing.


Today, even children are using smartphones, laptops and PC’s. Therefore, typing letters is inevitable for them. All these stages can be followed with care for learning the skill of typing. When kids learn the skill of typing, they can send messages. The instructor in stage 3 is also an interesting character. Instead of human instructors, the animal instructors can inspire kids and triggers their imaginations. They never feel that they are learning a new skill. So, they will not feel tired. Typing might seem really boring for kids. But, if it is funny, they will surely do it continuously. Stage 3 of Dance Mat Typing game is also arranged in such a way to provide maximum enthusiasm and enjoyment to kids.


Dance Mat Typing is an interesting game for kids. However, this game is designed for teaching children a new skill — typing on a keyboard. The letters are introduced before them slowly. Once they become proficient in two or more letters, they can barge to the next stage. In such a way, they can type words and sentences without looking the keyboard. This is a smart way to teach typing to kids. Many parents complain that their children use all modern technologies but they do not know to use the keyboard. This game is a solution for all these problems. This is a step-by-step program, which teaches your kid to type letters slowly.


With the advent of modern technology, touch typing has a greater role in the life of everybody. If kids can able to learn it in their younger age, they can achieve many things in their life. Lots of typing software for kids are available today. But these are not effective to learn it perfectly. If your children use Dance Mat Typing, they can learn to type correctly because this game is highly interesting for all children. This game also provides them lots of enjoyment and happiness.