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Dance Mat Typing Stage 5 is designed for teaching kids how to type the letters w and o. These lessons are carried out by Ninja Turtle, the tutor. Ninja Turtle welcomes kids to Tokyo, a street in Japan. Once, the kids enter this cool street, dancers come to entertain them. Just like the previous stages, the typing classes are started with a warm-up session. During this time, kids get an opportunity to refresh their typing skills they have studied previously. There will be lessons for review sessions. This is the best time for children to squeeze all their cans. In such a way, children get an opportunity to show their power.

Ninja Turtle introduces two new letters to kids in Stage 5. These two new letters are w and o. These letters are placed on the top of the row. Ninja Turtle teaches kids to use their left ring finger to type the key w and right ring finger to type the key o.

Lessons of Ninja Turtle

Ninja Turtle teaches its students to use their left finger at first. Once they are okay with using their left finger, the tutor asks them to use their right finger. Kids are asked to squeeze all cans, which are imprinted with w. Once kids perform this exercise, they can use their right ring finger. Just like the left side, 4 cans are also imprinted with o as well. Kids need to squeeze all these cans as well. Once the kids succeed to squeeze all the eight cans, kids will be greeted with lots of appreciations. This is the indication of the intelligence of your kids. They have the power to remember what they have learned. The next step is doing comprehensive tests. Tutor Ninja Turtle will teach kids how to do the tests. Squeezing last four colorful cans is the test. Students should do it. However, they will get full support from the tutor to do this task.


Once your kid completes this stage, he/she will be able to do anything they want because this is completely a free stage. During the program, your kids can also participate in breakdance, a kind of street dance. Tow turtle street dancers teach kids to do breakdance as well. All these activities are highly attractive for kids. These are highly helpful for grabbing the attention of children for long hours. At the same time, the turtle will teach kids to type letters. Kids can also enjoy the night view of Tokyo. Rap music is the other attractive feature with Dance Mat Typing Stage 5. Kids can learn dance steps with the two master turtles.


Most importantly, children will learn how to type the keys w and o, which fingers should be used, etc. Practice is essential for acquiring the skill. Ninja Turtle also knows this fact. So, kids get lots of opportunity to repeat the sessions.

Stage 5 Guide

The previous stages helped kids to use home row keys and many keys from the top row. Now, it is the time to get a perfect control in the top row. When you reach Stage 5, four keys in the top row are remaining. In Stage 5, children will learn to type w and o. There will be a warm-up session with a very short review. In order to go further, students need to learn the past keys. Once you complete the reviews, you can focus on the main keys of this stage, w and o.


Kids need to use their left hand to type the letter w and right hand to type the letter o. Just like they used their middle fingers to type the letters e and i, they need to use their ring fingers to type w and o. These keys are placed on the top of s and l. Children can check their crushed cans to know their progress in typing these letters.


Dance Mat Typing Stage 5 falls under Level 2. During the level 2 session, kids need to learn six letters from the top row. This means that children need to type six new keys such as t, y, w, o, q and p during this level. Among these keys, w and o are studied in Stage 5. Just like all previous sessions, there will be the warm-up session in Stage 5 as well. These are helpful for getting more experience for the left and right hands of the kids. During the learning process, kids can meet the unforgetable cast of characters. These characters provide them both kudos and coaching. These characters also try to make differences in typing classes in each stage. These stages are designed for teaching children regarding the hand position and accuracy, not speed.



Dance Mat Typing is an introduction to typing for kids. These are designed with voices and age appropriate cartoon characters. This program is aimed to teach children aged 7 to 11. This is the best program for teaching students to get correct hand and finger placement training, speed typing and proper ergonomics. This wonderful typing program is developed by BBC.

The new generation of kids use computers whether their parents like it or not. The presence of computers in classroom is also inevitable. Besides, the internet carries an ocean of information, which helps students to get education from a range of subjects. Excessive typing and improper typing techniques can lead to hand pain. In severe form, it can cause carpel tunnel syndrome. All these problems can be avoided by using Dance Mat Typing. This program teaches kids to use touch typing in a proper manner. So, they can reduce the chances of developing hand pain completely. It is also beneficial for avoiding the chances of developing carpal tunnel syndrome.


This is a highly useful typing game and it is developed for helping kids to learn the location of letters on the keyboard. Once your kid masters the Dance Mat Typing, she/he will be able to type letters without seeing the keyboard. This process is known as touch typing. In order to do it, 8 fingers should be placed in a horizontal row along with the middle of the keyboard. This game is developed on the rule, never look at your hands. Making mistakes is usual. However, you should not rush to stages without learning each stage correctly. If your kid can do everything properly, this is the best program for learning to type on the keyboard.