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Dance Mat Typing Stage 6 is the last stage of the second level in the BBC Dance Mat Typing game that teaches kids touch typing. Typing has a significant role in the life of all, including children. With the advent of technology, computers and the internet have taken a prominent place among people. They have become an inseparable part of our lives. Ability to handle computers has also become a necessity. However, there is no need to become a computer expert. Still, learning the basics has become the need of the day. Therefore, teaching children about typing practices at the younger age has also become a necessary. In order to make them perfectionists in their typing skills, BBC has introduced Dance Mat Typing stage 1 to 6 for children at the age group of 7 to 11.

Proceeding with Stage 6

Dance Mat Typing Stage 6 is the last part of Level 2. It ensures that children have already learned all the previously introduced letters. The program starts with a warm up round, which describes the short review of letters. When children type all letters that appear on the top of the screen, snails appear. Stage 6 teaches students to type keys such as q and p. These keys are introduced to children once they learn most of the main keys from the top row. Once they learn q and p, the row will be completed. P and Q are the last two remaining keys.


Compared to the other letters, typing p and q might be a little bit difficult for children. Therefore, kids should use their pinky fingers to type these keys. There are two more rounds. During these rounds, kids should use their right and left pinky fingers to type the letters p and q. Kids may not be good at using their pinkies to type. However, this learning platform helps them to concentrate on what they are doing. It also provides opportunities to keep practicing. In such a way, kids can learn typing these difficult letters.

First of all, this is a game. These games help kids to learn to type. If your kids are able to type, this learning program helps them to type even better. In order to play this game, you must have a Flash Player installed on your computer. To hear the sounds of the games, you will also need to have speakers or headphones. In Dance Mat Typing Stage 6, children should type till all eight snails appear on the screen. Once all the snails appear on the screen, children will feel very confident, because they will be able to do it perfectly and they could also type the letters p and q with their pinky fingers. Next is the fast round and kids need to complete this round by using their both hands. This is an exercise for their left and right hands. When they do it perfectly, they can see the dance and music of their beautiful teacher, flamingo. They can also see the play of little blue-green bird in flamingo guitar. Dancing of Mr Crab is the other attraction.


Stage 6 ends the second level of the game. Now, children can extend their fingers to respective keys by assigning all their fingers rest upon home row. This is a free online game, which teaches children to type touch using home row method. There are 12 stages and 4 levels in this program. When children complete the task successfully, they will get appreciation and praises from the animal host.

Advantages of Typing Games

Though inexperienced, kids can use their fingers with higher speed than adults. They also have better reflexes than adults. So, they can discover different ways to type on the keyboard quickly with ordinary exercises. Lots of typing software is available in the market to improve the typing skills of people. However, Dancing Mat Typing is a completely free and amazing software. It teaches the typing skills to children without them realizing that they are learning a brand new skill.


Most kids and adults love to play games on the internet. Lots of interesting games are also available as well. Note that the Flash Player is necessary for playing some of them. To play some games, you might need to download them to your computer. Dance Mat Tying is designed for kids and children, which helps them to learn the basics of computer, and does not require to be downloaded.

The website of BBC tried its best to present flash games for children that provide knowledge about skills of typing. Dance Mat Typing has four different levels and three different stages in each level. This is designed to teach kids the basics of typing and it is also helpful for them to become the masters of typing. They can complete each level by completing the stages successfully. When kids movego forward, the levels and stages become harder for them. First stages and levels are very easy for kids and they can complete them without serious difficulties. However, kids need to keep in mind the things they learned during these stages to make further progress. If kids forget the things they learned in the beginning, it will be very difficult for them to complete the later stages.


Dance Mat Typing is really great and funny. This game teaches children to use the correct fingers while touch typing on the keyboard. Kids should play these games regularly to become masters in typing skills. This is not just a fun game. But, it is also highly educative as well. It is considered as highly motivating for children. They can also learn typing skills without knowing that they are learning a skill. Therefore, this is the most interactive and involving platform for teaching your kids how to type. It is highly helpful for building their career and socialization in the long run.

This program comes with peppy songs, bright design, and supportive feedback. Therefore, it is highly attractive for kids. It is also helpful for encouraging them at the most. However, this is a typing game in the first place. When it comes to learning something, children may feel frustrated or discouraged, especially when learning touch typing. In order to avoid all these problems, BBC tried its best to design the game in the most attractive way. It also offers lots of visual and audio feedback. So, the players can measure their performance as well. If you want to teach your children typing skills in an easy and enjoyable manner, Dance Mat Typing is the best option.