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Dance Mat Typing Stage 7 is the beginning stage of Level 3. There are 3 stages in this level of Dance Mat Typing. During the 7th stage, kids learn to type two new letters, v and m. However, it is a little bit tricky to type these letters. In the beginning of the class, the animal tutor, Saint Ox welcomes students to the high mountainous region. It is helpful for providing a peaceful atmosphere to kids. Then, the instructor starts the typing session. To warm up the fingers of kids, tutor asks them to do previous exercises. In this session, kids need to type the letters they have studied during the previous stages. This practice is really helpful for learning the typing skill in a better way. They can also do the task with little bit speed and accuracy.

In the beginning of Stage 7, some letters will be placed in the sky. These letters should be typed correctly. Kids can also play four gongs during the warm up round. But, it is highly important to remember what they have learned during the previous stages. The tutor also helps kids to refresh their skills to type p and q with their little fingers. By doing this practice, children get an opportunity to go through the typing classes they attended from other tutors during previous stages. According to the observation of the tutor in stage 7, those who are able to type p and q can type the entire alphabet.

Do Not Rush, Type It Slowly!


The instructor also teaches students regarding the importance of typing slowly. There is no need to rush, students should show patience to learn this skill. Some kids may be doubtful about their typing abilities. However, all kids can type on the keyboard if they show some patience. This is a step-by-step process. If they practice continuously, they can do it efficiently. There is a secret of typing, which is no longer a secret. The animal tutor will also reveal this secret during the practice session.

Letters V and M

Tutor Saint Ox shows you how to type the letter v. To type this letter, kids need to use their pointer finger. The letter v can be seen on the third row. Letters r, t, g, f and v are controlled by your pointer finger. When you are doing this task, you can check the number of gongs you have rung. Second new letter in dance mat typing stage 7 is m. Just like you typed v, you should use your right pointer finger to type the letter m. This letter is placed on the third row. So, your right pointer finger can control letters such as u, y, h j and m.


At the end of the session, tutor Saint Ox lit a candle on the top of his head. Besides, Ox will also play songs so loudly as well. However, Ox asks kids to do their tasks at first. Then he explains why he do these things. Saint Ox guides children to a mysterious region. During this journey, kids learn the skill of typing letters. At the same time, they can also hear the beautiful and mysterious music. This is the best way to get away from the boredom of typing. Saint Ox is also aware of these tactics. So he uses all possible ways to make kids happy and curious.

Stage 7 Guide

In Dance Mat Typing Stage 7, kids learn two new letters, v and m. So, Stage 7 entirely focuses on the two letters in the bottom row. But, before practicing these new letters, kids need to refresh what they studied earlier. The warm up session is designed with this objective. When they practice again and again, they become good at the technique we call touch typing.


Warm-up session included the review of all stages of level 1 and 2. After completing the warm-up round, Level 3 started with Stage 7. At first, students are given guidance to understand the position of these letters in the keyboard. This should be determined by using their hands. Therefore, they are asked to press m by using their right hand and v by using their left hand. Once students learn it thoroughly, they are asked to place their hands on the home row as usual. Then, they are asked to use their pointer fingers to type the letters v and m. Kids can check their progress by using gong status bar of Stage 7.


Level 1 covers the letters in the home row while Level 2 covers keys on the top row. In Level 3, children study letters in the bottom row. However, the Level 3 does not deal with all letters in the bottom row. It covers 6 letters of the bottom row. The teacher in Stage 7, Saint Ox is more patient. He helps kids to improve their knowledge of typing. The teacher also teaches students the lessons in his own manner. Therefore, the game is really interesting for kids.


BBC designed Dance Mat Typing in a fun way to learn touch typing. There are total four levels and each divided into 3 stages. At first, kids need to start by learning the keys in the home row. Each stage is connected strongly with the previous lessons and introduces new letters on each stage. This is highly helpful for learning touch typing like an expert. Children can also check their progress at the end of each level. Here, kids can check their typing speed, accuracy, and performance. Kids will also get fun rewards once they complete typing perfectly. During Level 3, kids need to learn six keys on the bottom row. The six new keys include v, m, b, n, c, and the coma.


Touch typing is the fastest method to type. If you want do it perfectly, you can type as fast as you can. Many people can learn to touch typing faster and they can type faster than writing with a pen. However, in order to achieve it, you must use the right fingers. You should also show patience during the learning stage. You cannot learn anything if you rush to explore each stage. When you get tired, you should take rest. When you are typing, you should not look at your hands. You will learn all these lessons during each stage in Dance Mat Typing.