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The classes of Dance Mat Typing Stage 8 are conducted by tutor Giraffe. He is very cool and lives in the forest. He helps kids to improve their typing skills during the 8th stage of the game. Giraffe teaches children to type two new letters, B and N. The tutor Giraffe handles classes in his own manner. So, students are very happy to listen carefully while Giraffe conducts classes. Kids always like to play in the water and on the beach. So, Giraffe conducts classes at the beach to make his students happy. Giraffe asks students to follow him when he types the letters. They should continue typing till all turtles appear.

Classes of Giraffe in Dance Mat Typing Stage 8


Just like the tutors in previous stages, Giraffe also begins classes with a warm up round. Here, students need to refresh their knowledge of typing. At first, kids need to stretch their fingers to the home row. Then, Giraffe asks them to type letters that they see on the top of the screen. After completing this task, giraffe asks them to show what they have learned from the previous classes. During the warm-up round, kids can easily make the first two turtles appear. However, to make the third turtle appear, kids should remember the new letters that they learned during the last session. Those letters are v and m. To type these letters, kids need to use their pointer fingers. Giraffe also instructs children to avoid looking at the keyboard while doing the tasks. In such a way, Giraffe helps children make faster and more significant progress. Giraffe encourages children to do these tasks effortlessly and in a fun way.


Then, Giraffe teaches students to use pointer fingers to do some new tasks. After learning to type the letter b, they are asked to use their left pointer finger. Now, kids need to type six letters by using their left pointer fingers. These letters are r, t, f, g, v and b. Then, kids can practice to do these tasks. Once they complete it successfully, they can try to learn the second new letter. This new letter should be controlled by their right pointer finger. The new letter is n. By learning this new letter, children will be aware of controlling six letters such as y, u, h, j, n and m with their right pointer finger. Once they finish all these tasks, all turtles appear. Besides, a big surprise is also awaiting for kids. They can enjoy a dancing and singing party. This is highly helpful for cheering them up. It also wakes all turtles up.


Stage 8 Teaches to Type B and N

Kids have learned to type two new letters in the bottom row during Stage 7. These new letters are v and m. During the eighth stage, kids get two more keys of the bottom row. They are the b and n keys. These two keys lie between v and m. The game illustration in this stage takes kids through a review session. During this session, kids can refresh their typing knowledge, which they studied during the previous sessions. The game is also designed with steady tests and practices. These are highly beneficial for kids to type letters on the home row and possibly even the top row perfectly. Just like the letters v and m, kids can operate the keys b and n as well. Kids need to use their pointer fingers to type these letters.


After the end of Stage 8, kids will be able to use their left pointer finger to type letters such as f, g, r, t, v and b. They can also type j, h, u, y, m, and n by using their right pointer finger. They can keep practicing to learn it better. Performance can be checked by using the status bar.


You can find numerous typing games for kids on the internet. Most of these programs also get high traffic as well. Schools are using computers as well, and so they have become an indispensable part of children’s lives. If kids are capable of typing, they can complete their school tasks easily and quickly. There are tremendous ways to develop the typing skills in children. Free online typing games are designed for kids to learn the best typing techniques. These are most popular because they provide entertainment and fun. However, most free programs may not be user-friendly. There might also be numerous numbers of advertisements too. These ads can deviate the attention of children when they do the typing tasks. Fortunately, Dance Mat Typing is designed to train kids to type words and sentences in the most enjoyable manner imaginable. It starts the classes from the fundamentals of typing. Without this foundation, kids would be simply wasting their time. Most free programs also do not teach all keys to kids. Dance Mat Typing enables them to use all keys like a pro.


The world is moving so rapidly due to the technological advancements. Therefore, the typing skills of your kid must be developed at the earliest, which is essential for making them ahead in the competition. Most kids are rebels and they are not interested in accomplishing the tasks they are assigned. Here comes the importance of the free game of typing, Dance Mat Typing. This is a free software program designed for providing your children the capacity to use keyboard and type letters by using the correct fingers.

PHOENIX, AZ - OCTOBER 11: Second-grader Graycyn Griffith works on touch typing in class on October 11, 2013 at Horseshoe Trails Elementary School in Phoenix, AZ. Formal keyboarding instruction at the school began this year for second-graders, in anticipation of the Common Core curriculum. (Photo by David Jolkovski for The Washington Post)

These days, most kids spend lots of time with computers. However, they may not be familiar with using the keyboard and typing letters quickly and without any errors. Dance Mat Typing games give your kids the freedom to learn and discover the secrets of touch typing. They will also learn to use the keyboard to navigate through the game. Other internet games teach your kids to apply mouse to move about. However, touch typing offers expertise needed for typing complete words and sentences without looking at the keyboard. Typing accurately with top speed is really an admirable talent. Your kids can easily acquire this talent if they follow the complete stages and levels of Dance Mat Typing with patience. Students will also get suitable guidance from animal characters. All the animal characters make each session highly interactive. They will also assist young children in the best possible way. This is obviously the best program for acquiring the typing skills.