Increasing Typing Proficiency with Dance Mat Typing Level 2

The development of Dance Mat Typing Level 2, as well as other two levels in this game, was determined by the need to inculcate typing skills in children at a young age. Learning how to type is no longer a matter of choice but a necessary skill to succeed in life and at work. Typing […]

Improve Typing Skills with Dance Mat Typing Stage 1

Easy Touch Typing Start at Dance Mat Typing Stage 1 In a competitive world of today, certain skills are necessary to succeed even in simplest of careers. One of those skills is typing without which life would be pretty complicated in these modern times. Giving your child a possibility to acquire such skills is a […]

Dance Mat Typing Level 1 — Making a Start

Dance Mat Typing Level 1 that introduces the first steps into the Dance Mat Typing game by BBC. The latter has never been more important than the current times we are living in. At the moment, communication is facilitated by means of typing, whether it is on a computer keyboard or phone keyboard which appears […]

Dance Mat Typing Level 4 — on the Homestretch

Having passed all the tests in levels 1, 2 and 3, you will find yourself in Dance Mat Typing Level 4. This game keeps the humor throughout all the levels, and the Cat remains to give you instructions. This level is more difficult than the previous one because it requires using almost every key on […]

BBC Typing: Improve Typing Speed with Touch Typing

BBC Typing games are a perfect example of a Touch Typing course that will make you and your kids perfect at touch typing and have some fun at the same time. Introducing your kids to touch typing at an early age is almost a guarantee that they will be magnificent at typing long before they […]

Free Typing Games: Why You Need Them for Your Kids

Search for free typing games is what has most probably brought you to this page. But why are they so important, and are they worth using? To find this out, we need to look at the topic from a much wider angle. The world has moved from an analog to a digital age with computers […]

Typing Websites for Kids — Handy Instruments to Teach Children Typing

Thanks to some amazing typing websites for kids, it has become possible to start learning how to type in the most enjoyable way possible. Acquiring typing skills at early age is essential since children today are growing up around computer technology. They have laptops, iPads, smart-phones and other items of technology around them. The one quality […]

Dance Mat Typing Level 3 — Mastering Touch Typing Skills

Continuing Your Typing Education at Dance Mat Typing Level 3 Dance mat typing is an introduction to typing which targets 7 to 11 year olds at building their typing skills. It is supposed to infuse speed in typing, ensure proper ergonomics in sitting position while typing and proper hand and finger placement. All exercises are […]

BBC Dance Mat Typing — Easy Way to Teach Kids Touch Typing

The reason for popularity of the BBC Dance Mat Typing games is quite easy to understand. The computer and technology age is prevailing in all parts of the world. And as a result, touch typing has become a necessity in this digital world. For most individuals – including employees, students, business people, scientists and teachers […]

Elements of Keyboarding Practice

Keyboarding practice is aimed at helping you improve your typing technique and speed. Seeing that typing can really be an involving activity, which requires time and precision, it is essential to go through practice to help you and your children streamline the activity. For kids, it is very important as they are growing up in […]