Bbc co uk Schools Typing Program — Learn and Have Fun

Dance Mat Typing is a bbc co uk schools typing program amongst many other typing programs which aims at teaching aspects of typing apart from typing itself in a relaxed environment. It is meant to teach aspects such as speed and accuracy and more importantly provide a healthy environment when one is typing. Inculcating ergonomics […]

All You Need To Know About Typing Games for Kids

Typing games for kids are designed to not only help children learn how to type but also other basic things such as spelling. What makes this mode of learning unique is that it uses simple and easy to follow games (they are also fun) to inculcate this important skill and other different types of knowledge […]

Learn How to Type for Kids — Useful Steps to Follow

The task to learn how to type for kids becomes easier when you approach it in an entertaining way. Using typing games and apps to teach your children typing skills comes with many benefits. This makes your work easier since you will find better ways to make your kid a master typist with many methods […]

Typing Games for Girls — an Intertaining Way to Learn Touch Typing

Typing games for girls are the answer to the need to learn typing and keep with the demands of this time and age. There are a couple of initiatives that have been set up to try and get children and adults likewise to learn how to type. The learning process involves nurturing speediness in typing, […]

Dance Mat Typing — Great Touch Typing Game for Kids

Learning to Touch Type Early with Dance Mat Typing Looking down at a computer or tablet (or iPad), many are the things that usually puzzle our minds. For one, why aren’t the letters arranged in alphabetic order? Well, there goes the QWERTY keyboard, established purposely by making the more used letters of the alphabet more […]