Thanks to some amazing typing websites for kids, it has become possible to start learning how to type in the most enjoyable way possible. Acquiring typing skills at early age is essential since children today are growing up around computer technology. They have laptops, iPads, smart-phones and other items of technology around them. The one quality that these items have in common is full size keyboards. The QWERTY keyboard style has been incorporated into all these devices. It is indispensable in sending messages, typing work, surfing the internet and even playing games using these devices. Kids have to learn how to do it quickly and effectively.

Acquiring typing skills at early age is essential since children today are growing up around computer technology.

Typing websites are an amazing resource for kids who want to learn how to type. Different games allow kids to improve their typing speed as well as accuracy. In addition to that, they are able to master the keyboard. Some of the games even feature typing speed tests that put children on a timer as they battle enemies by typing on the keyboard. In no time at all, they are perfect at typing. Those games include various themes like fighting against bad guys, playing popular songs, navigating space, as well as guiding characters through mazes. All in all, these websites are educational, fun and teach kids how to type like pros. Let’s discover some of these websites that are educational and entertaining.

Dance Mat Typing


This is a superb online typing game provided by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). It is perfect for children as well as adult beginners in typing. There are many levels in this game that help to guide the learner through the various stages of learning how to type. Each level focuses on specific keys on the keyboard. Children can move on to the next level only after they have correctly typed the keys in the current one. There are some sweet rewards for kids after they complete their level successfully. Examples of these are fun songs and dances that are bound to keep the little ones smiling and laughing all through. It is a colorful game that is effective as an educational typing program designed specifically for children.

Keybr Typing Website


This is a typing website that has a keyboard with a basic layout. It responds very fast to the keystrokes that kids type in. It is also very easy to understand. This website does not have many animated games or characters but it has features that can help kids to track their speed and assist them in achieving higher accuracy while typing. Keybr also has a feature that allows you to maintain focus on the keys that you are struggling with. It allows you typing out the content of any other website. Simply enter the Universal Resource Locator (url) of another website, and you will be allowed to type out the text from the desired resource. This is a very cool feature to discover in a typing website. Children love to type out the content of cartoon websites such as Disney. Keybr accomplishes its purpose clearly and directly.

Powertyping Website


This website is an amazing resource that kids can use to learn how to type. The website makes use of a regular US keyboard as well as a Dvorak keyboard. To engage kids as they practice typing, this website offers games, stories, and entertaining tests that the children can enjoy as much as they want.

E-learning Kids Website

This is a website where kids can engage in interesting, colorful exercises in order to learn how to type. This website uses the space age theme that features spaceships, astronauts, meteors, and stars. It has various levels that kids can rise through as their keyboard skills improve. Along the way, there are amazing challenges and results that children enjoy meeting. In terms of graphics and engaging characters, E-learning Kids website ranks quite well on the Internet.



A host of killer sharks ready to eat your character in the deep blue sea is a perfectly engaging environment for kids to practice typing. This is an amazing typing game that is played online. The character in the game has a map and is pitted against a group of angry sharks. To keep the character alive, children have to type in the correct characters as they appear on the bodies of the sharks. This game is unique for you can download it and play offline. A great benefit of doing this is that you are able to unlock all the levels of the game. Once downloaded, the kids can play 60 minutes of the game for free. Once the 60 minutes are over, the player can go online to continue playing for free or buy the game for $6.99. It is an nice game that can make a part of any computer classroom filled with excited little kids.

Learning Games for Kids Website


This is a website that hosts programs for kids to help them acquire various skills. Some of these games allow kids to practice how to type abc. A great example of those is Typing Tide-pool. It has characters that the kids can interact with and plunge intp adventures by typing. It is colorful and has audio-visual appeal for all those who play it.

Fun To Type

This is an amazing, easy to play typing game. It is hosted on its own website and is completely free to play. It has levels that players navigate. As the players move through the levels, they are able to gain points and move ahead to the upper levels. It is easy and very easy to understand. Children all over the world love playing Fun To Type.

Sens Lang Website


This online typing game has a stage that the kids can read and follow. The keys on the virtual keyboard light up to indicate which ones the kids should type to activate and gain points. As children type, they can listen to some entertaining music and play some other games too. This amazing game has features that measure the words per minute (WPM) as well as the accuracy of the players. The virtual keyboard is very realistic, which children tend to like.